Embarking on a journey into a burgeoning market? Pioneering change in an established landscape? Expanding into a new city? Let us be your voice in these endeavors. We specialize in crafting compelling narratives that captivate and motivate your desired audience, be it customers, investors, buyers, or prospective team members.



Marketing extends beyond merely promoting a product. Corporate PR plays a vital role in establishing a distinctive voice, creating a lasting impression that goes beyond sales for comprehensive business success. At ing, our dedicated team of PR professionals is committed to assisting your brand in effectively reaching its end consumers with impactful messaging.


The FMCG industry in India maintains positive momentum, achieving an 8.6% volume growth nationwide in Q3 2023. Leveraging  insights, we assist brands in creating compelling content for their specific audience.


Hotels surged with a 33% increase in brand signings, adding 166 new hotels and rebranding 90. ing provides industry insights and research support for brand expansion.

Food & Beverage

Non-metro cities in India show a 108% rise in fast-food spending, fuelling the growth of global and local chains. Amplify your brand uniquely with our strategic expertise.


In a tech-driven era, the automotive, mobility, and transportation sectors undergo transformations. Our adept team navigates this dynamic landscape, addressing issues like shifting consumer preferences with precision.


Rising entrepreneurship in India intensifies startup competition. Limited resources make effective PR crucial for visibility, credibility, investment attraction, and talent acquisition.

About us

At ing, we celebrate the craft of narrative creation. As a vibrant and specialized team, we prioritize solutions and are fervent about storytelling. Our team of passionate storytelling enthusiasts skillfully utilizes diverse perspectives to seamlessly communicate your brand’s narrative to the intended audience or end consumers.

Our approach is relevant, ensuring that your story resonates with the current landscape, and we are committed to delivering a clear and compelling portrayal of your brand.

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Public Relations

Our comprehensive Public Relations services build and maintain strong connections with key media figures, ensuring effective coverage for your brand. We tailor communication strategies, create engaging content, and expertly manage events to elevate your brand’s presence and make it PR-ready.


Specializing in creating impactful brand identities, our services encompass memorable logo design, cohesive visual language, and comprehensive brand guidelines. With a focus on strategic positioning, compelling storytelling, and consistent messaging, we ensure a unified brand presence across all channels, including collateral design and digital branding.

Digital Outreach

Our digital outreach strategy focuses on creating high-quality, shareable content in various formats, optimized through SEO techniques. Through strategic influencer marketing, we identify and collaborate with influencers to expand brand reach, closely monitoring and measuring the impact for effective audience resonance.

Our Services

Our expertise extends to Digital Outreach, where we deliver broad and targeted impact across diverse platforms, ensuring your brand reaches the right audience. At ING, we take pride in offering services, leveraging our skills and experience to elevate your brand’s presence and resonance in today’s dynamic market. Let us be the architects of your brand’s success.



Your stories matter to us, and we’re eager to hear them. Share your stories with us, and let our expertise guide you in reaching the ideal audience. Whether you’re interested in PR, brand consultation, content creation, or digital outreach, reach out to us. We’re here to facilitate conversations and help your stories resonate effectively. Get in touch to explore how we can collaborate on bringing your narratives to life.