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Non-metro cities in India show a 108% rise in fast-food spending, fueling the growth of global and local chains. Amplify your brand uniquely with our strategic expertise.

Non-metro cities in India witness a 108% surge in fast-food spending, fueling the expansion of global and local chains. Adopting PR is crucial for brands amid dynamic societal and technological changes.

Your Story, Our Canvas, Unforgettable Narratives

Unleashing the Power of Stories

Curious about amplifying your brand’s voice uniquely? We at ing specialize in using Public Relations to tell your brand’s story. We assist brands in securing earned media coverage, coupled with digital marketing strategies like influencers and esteemed hospitality reviewers. This third-party “validation” distinguishes your brand from traditional self-serving advertising, engaging both new and returning clientele in an authentic and compelling manner.

Elevate Your Message with ing

Serve up success with a side of sass! PR for your F&B brand isn’t just about making headlines – it’s about crafting crave-worthy stories, stirring up buzz, and leaving taste buds tingling for more. Let’s dish out some delicious PR magic and make your brand the talk of the town.

Inspire, Engage, Transform

Spice up your F&B brand’s journey with a dash of PR magic! From sizzling launches to delectable experiences, let’s stir up some buzz and leave your audience craving for more. Let’s dish out success together!


Maintaining a favourable brand image, sustaining goodwill, and driving long-term success is imperative in both the corporate and public sectors. Leverage the benefits that ing can bring to your business.


of clients rank crisis handling among the top three services they expect from a Public Relations Agency.


of clients are seeking the integration of both digital and traditional PR elements in their campaigns.


of clients entrust digital and social media briefs to PR agencies and rely on the agency's expertise.

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