Rising entrepreneurship in India intensifies startup competition. Limited resources make effective PR crucial for visibility, credibility, investment attraction, and talent acquisition.

Securing initial funding is crucial for new businesses. PR plays a pivotal role in building brand awareness, employing media outreach, social media campaigns, and influencer marketing.

Your Story, Our Canvas, Unforgettable Narratives

Unleashing the Power of Stories

We at ing, invest time in understanding your brand deeply, aligning with its values, goals, and challenges to authentically tell its story. By conducting thorough industry research, we identify opportunities and trends for effective audience engagement. For startups shaping their PR strategy, understanding India’s diverse media landscape is crucial. Recognizing different market preferences helps tailor stories for various platforms. We are a consultancy, equipped with a nationwide journalist network, ensuring optimal media placements and authentic storytelling for startups.

Elevate Your Message with ing

Establishing thought leadership through activities like speaking engagements and media interviews positions startups as industry authorities, attracting investor interest. Communication specialists highlight company achievements, such as product releases and collaborations, amplifying interest. Maintaining investor relations through regular updates and events enhances the likelihood of continued investment for growing startups.

Inspire, Engage, Transform

Want your business to be the talk of the town? PR is your secret sauce! Let’s sprinkle some charm, stir up some excitement, and serve your brand to the world on a silver platter. Let’s make headlines, not just deadlines!


Maintaining a favourable brand image, sustaining goodwill, and driving long-term success is imperative in both the corporate and public sectors. Leverage the benefits that ing can bring to your business.


clients expect consultancies to play a strategic role and expect them to integrate digital and traditional PR.


of brands acknowledge that the primary focus for their public relations objectives is enhancing corporate reputation.


of brands recognize that their primary PR objective revolves around constructing a meaningful brand.

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